San Francisco Is For Beer Lovers (Part 3)

This post is one of several we’ll be writing about the beer we’ve had on this trip. If you know us, you know we’re beer snobs and you still love us. Bear with us as we relive glorious beer-drinking moments. Yum. If we drank a beer away from a beer bar we noted tap vs. bottle. We knew when planning this trip that there would be beer in our future. And lots of it. We’re avid beer drinkers to begin with but being in a city we’ve never visited opens up a whole new world of flavors and access – many of the beers we’re trying here aren’t distributed in Michigan. These posts will contain descriptions of beers we’ve had. As we post Yelp reviews of venues we’ll add links so that you can get a deeper understanding of the places where the beer was enjoyed (if you’re interested).

Here’s the third installment of what/where we’ve had to drink so far… this post is somewhat of a lie because it includes all of the second leg of our trip, Napa Valley, which is not in San Francisco. And included a day trip to Santa Rosa. What was that about the dangers of alcohol killing brain cells? (links to Yelp reviews will be added as published online):

Brewery: 21st Amendment
Brew: Live Free! Or Die (draft)
Location: Tony’s Pizza Napoletano (SF)
Thoughts: Meh. We weren’t impressed. To be fair, we’ve only tried it once and the restaurant did have kind of a strange odor when entering/in the bar area so, as much as it hurts to think about it, there’s a good chance that the taps were unclean and that was the problem. But we don’t want to think about that. So, it’s on the list of beers to try again.

Brewery: Silverado Brewing Company (Napa)
Brew: Pale Ale
Location: Silverado Pale Ale
Thoughts: Hands down, in the running for the worst beer I’ve ever had. Ever. And I’ve had many beers. Many. The word “awful”, is appropriate. So are: terrible, gross, and disgusting. Perhaps that’s the problem with. Ewing in wine country? I hate to be a jerk because our server was awesome and the food is incredible. The beer, however, should be avoided at all costs. Unless you’re with someone you don’t like. Then order them a pale ale and tell them you’re on medication and are so totally bummed that you can’t drink. You should go to this place when in the area and order a burger. Or seven. One of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten. But stick to water or soda. Okay? Thanks.

Brewery: Silverado Brewing Co.
Brew: Oatmeal Stout
Location: Silverado Brewing Company
Thoughts: Remember when I said Silverado’s Pale Ale was in the running for worst beer I’ve ever had? This beer is its competition. Ugh. Read the previous review again if you want to be reminded (and then quit drinking if you couldn’t remember. You may have a drinking problem.)

Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa)
Brew: Pliny The Elder (double IPA)
Location: Russian River Brewing Company
Thoughts: I was told it’s the best beer in the country. I’ve been told this by tons of people, most who have never tried it. But then a good friend, who doesn’t like hoppy beers, told me that it was awesome. Which meant it was either going to be exceptionally good and hoppy, or not hoppy at all (which would be bad for a double IPA). I desperately had to use the bathroom when we got there (lots of hydration on this trip due to the heat and the excessive amount of (very responsible) alcohol consumption. When I came back I saw it sitting at my spot.

And I sniffed it.

And then I drank it.


And fell in love. This is an exceptional beer. We spent a ridiculous amount of money buying a ton to bring home. You should be very, very jealous of us and the people with whom we’ll share.

Brewery: Russian River Brewing Co.
Brew: Porter
Location: Russian River Brewing Co.
Thoughts: An exceptional porter. Very drinkable with the just the right amount of roastiness. And remember, Nancy didn’t like porters before this trip.

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